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  • FACT 1

    Although pandas have a reputation for being lazy, they are actually excellent tree climbers! Cubs can climb trees by the time they turn six months old.

  • FACT 2

    Despite subsisting almost exclusively on bamboo, the giant panda has a digestive system similar to that of a carnivore – they are known to sometimes feast on small mammals like birds.

  • FACT 3

    Giant pandas are bears and are reputed to be ‘living fossils’, having lived on Earth for more than eight million years.

  • FACT 4

    Giant pandas love getting into the water to wade and swim, especially during the hot summer.

  • FACT 5

    Panda cubs are born white. Their full black and white colouring comes in by their 30th to 38th day of being born.

  • FACT 6

    Most of the captive giant pandas reside at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. It is one of the world’s most prestigious giant panda research and conservation organizations.

  • FACT 7

    Although giant pandas eat almost 60 types of bamboo, bamboo shoots are their favourite and they are high in water, nutrients and sugar.

  • FACT 8

    Apart from bamboo, wild pandas also eat fruits and other plants like the kiwifruit, waterweeds, shrubs and trees.

  • FACT 9

    Adult giant pandas have 42 teeth.

  • FACT 10

    Not all pandas are black and white. Brown and white pandas have been found in the Qinling Mountain Range in Shaanxi.

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